Rocking Sheep gray curly wool


The grey Rocking Sheep vary in color tones, from bright grey to dark grey. The grey curly Rocking Sheep are covered in Gotland sheepskin. This curly wool is luxuriously dense and becomes even more curly with time. The grey skins are rare and there can be a waiting time for this particular color.

H: 60cm (Seat height approximately 40 cm) W: 26cm L: 85cm.

The frame is made of pine, lacquered once and upholstered with a whole lambskin.

The Rocking Sheep is a personal gift, and you can have the child’s name, date or a greeting hand-carved in the gang. This will always be for the benefit of the family, not least when the Rocking Sheep is passed on to the next generation. Povl will carve the name by hand, therefore the right of return does not apply, but I would like to send a photo of the Rocking Sheep before cutting out the name.

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