Rocking Sheep 40 years – Limited edition


Many people experience the white sheep as the “real” sheep. The white fleece matches the darker oak and gives a beautiful whole.

On one rocker, I have placed a brass sign with the individual number engraved. A numbered and signed certificate of authenticity follows every Rocking Sheep.
H: 60 cm, seat height about 40 cm, W: 26 cm, L: 85 cm

Frame of European oak, lacquered and upholstered with a Norwegian lambskin, tanned in Norway. The skin is of a very special quality, and surrounds the Rocking Sheep like a white cloud. This Rocking Sheep is made in 100 pieces.

The Rocking Sheep is a personal gift, and you can have the child’s name, date or a greeting hand-carved in the gang. This will always be for the benefit of the family, not least when the Rocking Sheep is passed on to the next generation. Povl will carve the name by hand, therefore the right of return does not apply, but I would like to send a photo of the Rocking Sheep before cutting out the name.

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