The first rocking sheep

I made the first Rocking Sheep for my niece as a humorous reminder of her country roots.

My brother and I grew up on a small farm in a fertile and self-sufficient environment. The wood for the first Rocking Sheep was recycled wood, and the sheepskin was from her grandparents’ farm.

The Rocking Sheep is just as much a piece of furniture than a toy, and it becomes an heirloom which follows the family as bearer of good childhood memories.

The Rocking Sheep has shown its durability since 1981, so I have not made any changes in design or materials since then. I still finishes every Rocking Sheep, and makes sure the quality is the same as the 40 years old Rocking Sheep that still rocks today.

Materials for my production

The wood for my products is FSC certified, and my suppliers can document the origin of it.

My production takes place in my own and other small, local workshops. The products are so durable that they last used for generations to come. If a Rocking Sheep breaks down, I will repair it free of charge, no matter how old it is. My goal is for the child to feel safe with her or his Rocking Sheep, and for my customers to experience the joy of having an honest product, which I have made with pride and care since 1981.

The lambskin

Sheep are hardy animals that thrive on poor, not intensively cultivated soil. In Iceland, New Zealand, Norway and Ireland from where I have my sheepskin, the sheep walks freely with their lambs in a clean and unspoiled nature.

All sheepskins used for my works are from domestic animals. The sheep are bred for meat production, and the fleece has less value in this respect. Large amounts of lambskin are not tanned, so when a Rocking Sheep is upholstered with a sheepskin, it is a resource that is being exploited rather than wasted.

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