The Rocking Sheep ages with grace, but if the skin is worn down completely it can be reupholstered. At the same time, the frame is inspected and tightened if necessary.

If you want a new Rocking Sheep with your own sheepskin this is also an option.

Over the years, the rocking sheep has been copied, but a copy is usually easy to detect, as the real rock sheep have not changed the design since it was put into production in 1981. Send me a picture if you are in doubt so I can determine if you have a real rock sheep.

The sheepskin is very resistant and hard-wearing, and usually it requires no special care. If the wool becomes a little flat on the back it can be brushed up with a stiff brush. The wool can be washed, but the skin should not be too wet. If the sheep has a spot on the wool you can “wash” it with foamed up soap flakes and rub it with a towel. Do not worry about leftover soap as the soap will protect both wool and skin. The wood can be cleaned with a piece of damp cloth, and after some years of use, you can refresh it with a little oil.

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